Our Story

Welcome to Mattie Groves Craft Brewery in Midtown, Sacramento

Mattie Groves: Centuries of Folklore

The earliest records of the traditional British folk song, Matty Groves, or Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard, originate in the early 17th century, but the story likely stretches further back as folk and oral traditions tend. While there are countless variants in the name and the lyrics, certain elements thread through every version. The story within the song confronts love, classism, loyalty, violence, and death. The story of the song follows a well-trodden path across the Atlantic, finding nooks in isolated mountain communities of the Appalachians and Ozarks where it was preserved and flourished, eventually resurfacing into wider popularity during folk revivals of the of the 20th century and beyond.

To us, Mattie Groves roots us in the folk tradition that made such an impact on our lives especially during our time in Eastern North Carolina where we were adopted by a vibrant community. Our dear friend and folk hero, Lightnin’ Wells used to call out “Matty Groves” when he saw Matt, as we bonded over Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams Sr., Elizabeth Cotton, amongst many others at the taproom and at his barn. Mattie Groves is a portmanteau of our names, a reflection of our personal journey, and a demonstration of globally familiar themes that are recognizable across time and space. And to top it off, it is a beautiful song.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create, strengthen, and sustain a thriving local craft community by driving unique and culture-building experiences through our craft – beer – and direct authentic engagement with folks across our community.


We provide affordable, premium quality beer and a comfortable communal space for people to enjoy and feel at home, harmonizing with the latest industry and local trends. We seek to tease out the things people love about drinking beer, gathering, and learning. With DIY at the forefront and our feet – as business owners – firmly planted on the frontlines, Mattie Groves Brewery is a unique personal expression of our story and values, constantly seeking to cultivate a fresh, genuine experience from top to bottom.

Meet The Team

At Mattie Groves, dedication to culture and community means that it’s not just our story, but we would love for you all to get to know us! Mattie Groves Brewery, LLC is proud to be a woman- and family-owned and managed business. Read on for a little bit of background.

Katie Cooper Matt Cooper Mattie Groves Brewery

Katie Cooper and Matt Cooper

Co-owners, CEO, COO

Our story is shaped by migration, the diverse folk met along the way, and inspired by craft and exploration - witnessed and experienced. Through many phases over the past couple of decades together, everything revolved around beer and community. Katie, a Sacramento native, discovered her love of beer and pub culture in 2004 when bartending in a small, neighborhood pub in Sheffield, UK. Matt had the ‘knowledge’ already, having emigrated to Colfax, CA from Portsmouth, UK in 2003. We started dating and homebrewing at the same time after meeting at Sierra College.

We moved to North Carolina in 2010, where Matt started working as a professional brewer at the Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery in Farmville, NC while Katie got her MA in maritime archaeology. During Matt’s time at Duck-Rabbit, they received 7 GABF medals and a gold medal from the World Beer Cup. Since 2010, Matt worked as a lead brewer, production manager, and consultant for five different breweries, ranging from distribution-based production breweries to taproom breweries and brewpubs. Katie worked for a year at Duck-Rabbit too, managing the taproom and filling in wherever needed, and has worn many hats since. We always had our own brewery in sight, but it went from fantasy to full-on planning mode by 2015. Inspired by the support of a tight-knit local community in North Carolina, as well as family and friends in Northern CA, we returned to Sacramento to turn what we love most about beer, gathering, stories, and culture to root Mattie Groves Brewery.

Laika Cooper - Mattie Groves Brewery

Laika Cooper

Director of Interspecies Relations

From stray to Brewery Expert Extraordinaire, Laika has excelled at carrying out her personal mission: to bring as much joy and delight as possible to as many people as possible. She transforms strangers to friends at faster-than-light speed. Always ready to get a group howl on, she boisterously announces her intentions and emotions with every opportunity.

Following her adoption from the pound, Laika quickly learnt what the word, ‘brewery’ meant to her… it’s her happy place, her comfort zone, her repository of social excitement and cuddles. The word, ‘brewery’ elicits immediate tail wages, head tilts, and tapping paw dances.

She can’t wait to see you at her very own brewery (and yes, Mattie Groves Brewery actually belongs to Laika)!

Frequently Asked Questions


Dogs are more than welcome, even encouraged inside the taproom or out on the patio (leashed, of course). We keep water bowls at the ready, treats behind the bar, and eventually even stock some doggie merchandise!


All are welcome! We are here to build a stronger community, after all. While Mattie
Groves is kid-friendly, we are not kid oriented and do not prevent folks from speaking their minds or from using colorful language.


While Mattie Groves does not have its own kitchen, Old Soul Co. located at the adjoining unit against Liestal Alley will provide a menu specific for Mattie Groves Brewery guests. Customers can order directly from the Mattie Groves bar and will be notified when their food is ready to pick up from the back of the brewery. We will also allow outside food as well as provide prepackaged snacks like bags of chips, crackers, and cans of sardines!

Other Beverages?

While beer is our craft, we look out for everyone! We will stock non-alcoholic beers, but in the meantime keep soft drinks available. Water will also always be at hand.


Game nights are in the making, but generally, guests are free to (encouraged even) to play from our ever-growing selection of board games!